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Our story

As a young boy in 1976 at the age of 14 I started work in a butchers shop in Liskeard, which I was a Saturday boy but taking in all the skills of the butchery trade. 

In 1979 I joined Condons Of Tideford as soon as I left school I went into a full time butcher apprenticeship, I was a fast Learner but even saying that it still took 5 years to learn the true skill and expert level I had to achieve. I wanted to be the best at my job as anyone would so in the mornings from 1982 I started at 4 am in a butchers in Liskeard making sausages before I carried at Condons I did this for 4 years.

In 1986 I went in as a relief butcher for 4 years witch I loved I worked with many different people learning many different things from lots of lovely people!

In 1990 I realised I would benefit from a steady income as my wife and I was expecting my son (Simon Bray) so I rejoined Condons  and had many more enjoyable years with Betty & Terry Condon, Adrian Harris & Len Rogers.
In 1996 Betty & Terry Came to the decision to retire and at that time I could not afford it, so the butchers was sold to Mr Phillip Warren and the shop name was changed to
Phillip Warren & Son Butchers. ​I worked with Mrs warren herself and now my son in law ( Paul Lecount) until I had an opportunity in 1999 to become parters in the butchers shop I know and love, so I took this opportunity we had 2 great years then in 2001 Mr & Mrs warren offered me there share in the shop which I'm extremely grateful as I'm a proud owner and have been for many years of Paul Bray & Son ​my own butchers shop which I have the privilege of working with my son (Simon Bray) who joined in 2006, my son in law ( Paul Lecount) who joined 1998 and Gill Kellow who joined in 2004
It may be a small staff group but loyal and all have the same passion and care for the trade & customers that I have and had all those years ago!   Thank You , Paul Bray            


Paul Bray & Son

Traditional Family Butchers 

​EST 2001